Estes Park

We’re driving up to Estes Park today to get away from Denver for a little bit.  It’s been a while since we’ve driven out to the mountains so this will be a nice change for a bit.  On the agenda:  a small hike around the lake, check out a quilt show (ooohhh, aaaahhh), some dinner, and then finally a trip to their observatory at night.  I hope to have some pictures posted up here eventually.

Morning Update: Amanda is hella crabby this morning…  Satan gave us such a pleasant child….

Afternoon Update: Amanda finally snapped out of her crabby mood and was really sweet this afternoon.  We had a really nice time walking around Estes Park, had some lunch, decided we didn’t want to wait there till night and came home at a decent hour.  I want to go hiking next time.

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