Dear John….

After hearing all the hype about this movie and knowing that this movie actually had my wife interested, we decided to get it on Netflix.  We watched it last night.  This movie sucked pretty bad.  I’m not sure if it was the acting or the directing, but the characters never seemed to really click for me.  But the part that boggled my mind was the scene where I noticed that the guy’s rank on his Class A’s was upside down.  I pointed it out to my wife and she didn’t believe me until the next scene when the rank was magically fixed.  Incredibly bad editing.  Painfully obvious mistake and I can’t believe that the creators of the film would not make some attempt to correct the flaw.  The ending of the movie was horrible, it should have ended when he was driving away.  I’ve heard people say that the movie was incredibly romantic…  Really?????  So cheating on your loved one while they are fighting a war overseas is considered romantic?  So apparently cheating is the new “romance”.  This seems to be a very insightful “tell” about where the public’s moral barometer is at (clearly up their own asses).

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