Ankle Surgery

After dealing with my bad ankles now for about 20 years, I finally decided that it was time to get my butt to a hospital to have them checked out.  The doctor basically told me everything that I already knew.  The tendons on the sides of the ankle were basically gone and the cartilege between my foot and ankle was worn down significantly.  He immediately recommended surgery as the solution.  His plan was to tighten the remaining tendons and then reroute another tendon to provide the lateral support I’ve been missing for most of my life.  That was two weeks ago.

Last Monday, July 26th, I went in for surgery.  It seemed pretty quick to me since they knocked me out.  I woke up groggy in the bed with a cast on my foot just a bit bigger than a ski boot. According to the doctor, the ankle was pretty bad and they did a lot of work to clean up the bone and cartilage spurs that had accumulated over the years. Overall, he thought the procedure went well but we’d find out more after the ankle healed over the next 10 days. Right now I can feel the stitches in the foot and every once in a while there is a bit of shooting pain, but nothing that would seem out of the ordinary for a procedure of this type (as far as I know). Of course, the Percocet that I’ve been prescribed is helping for sure. I’m able to move my toes quite a bit. I’ve been elevating the foot and icing above the cast to prevent too much swelling. So now it’s a matter of being patient and waiting to see the doctor again, which should be either late next week or early the week after.

I’ll post some pics once I have something to worthwhile to post.

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