Ankle Surgery – Cast Off (Frankenfoot)

Big day today… got the cast off my foot. This thing was pretty bulky and annoying (words that are often used to decribe me!) and I couldn’t wait to get if off so I could finally feel some cool air on the foot. I know it was only a week, but when you can’t scratch your foot at night, or the cloth in the cast is sticking to the foot it just starts to drive you batty. Last night I really felt like I was on the verge of cutting the thing of myself. Of course I didn’t do that, but it was sure tempting.

So this afternoon my wife drove me over to the hospital for my post-operation appointment. There really wasn’t a whole lot of time spent with the doctor, but he did tell me that I was going to have another cast put on. At which point I expressed my lack of enthusiasm of not being able to get into something a bit more breathable. He finally relented and allowed me to get an air cast instead (the boot) that allows you to open it up and you take your foot out. The only catch was that I had to promise not to take the foot out for a week, but I could open it to let the foot get some air. Very easy decision for me. And the boot is actually very comfortable.

Anyway, the first thing they did was cut away the old cast. God that felt good, it was like the foot was set free. I could still feel that the foot was pretty tender though. Especially when they pulled the dried bloody bandages from the side of the foot. The doctor came to look at the foot and he seemed pretty satisfied with the condition of everything. As was I, because honestly the foot has felt pretty good considering the trauma it’s been put through. The picture below is what the foot looked like right before they pulled out the stitches and staples. I knew that the foot was going to be swollen, but was amazed that it looked the way it did.

I have some other pictures the PA showed me of the inside of the foot. You can see where the cartilege is ground away exposing the bone. It’s sort of a before and after set of photos. I’ll scan those and post those later.

Anyway, now I have to wear this cast for the next 3 weeks. I can start walking on it next Tuesday using the boot. Just 7 more days on the crutches.

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  1. Looks like your surgeon massacred you. Dr. Hacksaw Jenny at the New Agamand Clinic was it? We need pics of the meaty insides along with your new spaceman boot.

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