Say Goodbye To The Boot!

Yay! The boot is finally gone. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he seemed pretty pleased with his work and gave me permission to stop wearing the boot. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy about that. So far, walking has been good. Every once in a while I feel a bit sore but for the most part it feels pretty strong. I can definitely tell that the tendon is providing much more support than I had before. The leg is still pretty weak. Physical therapy has been fun (painful) as well. I think I’ll finally be comfortable enough to actually make it into the gym next week.

One thought on “Say Goodbye To The Boot!

  1. oh my gosh that ankle looks bad. How does it feel now.
    are you still able to catch Kuzuyo or can she still out run you. ha I have watched that movie,
    “Dear John” about three times and I still think it’s a good movie. That doesnt mean I agree with breaking up with someone when they are in service. I liked the movie……Love ya, Mom

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