2 thoughts on “Foot #2 is out of the cast!!!

  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on getting casts off.

    Can you tell me the medical name for your operations? Debridement? Arthrodesis? Did you have any bones fused? Recovery time estimate?

    I’m looking at having something similar done, and am interested in your treatment and outcome.

    What part of the country are you in?

    Thanks & good luck!

    1. The operation is called a Chrisman-Snook procedure. No bones fused, but it is supposed to give me back the lateral stability that I lost after years of basketball injuries. I had the same procedure on my right foot on July 26 and was out of the walking cast around mid-September. Walking fine on the other foot although some occasional pain does occur due to the cartilage damage between the foot and the leg. I have a feeling that the left foot will rehab a bit better than the right one did. Good luck getting your foot repaired.

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