Graduation Day!

We’d like to announce the graduation of our daughter today! She has now officially completed high school and will now move on to college at the University of Colorado this summer! It’s been an amazing journey over the past 18 years. She started off in Japanese schools and then moved on to American schools when […]

Weight Loss Update

Not much new to report. I’m still working out. Haven’t really been killing myself too much. Some light weightlifting, mostly upper body. The pain hasn’t been bad. I’ve also been doing a bit of cycling on the stationary bike. Just doing about 20-30 minutes per workout. Cycling has been a bit stressful on the right […]

Out of shape and need to change

Well, after a year’s worth of ankles surgeries and excuses not to walk on my them, I’ve finally run out of excuses not to get my ass back into the gym. To be completely honest I’m in pretty horrible condition. Probably the worst condition of my life. It’s become so bad that I’m starting to […]