Weight Loss – Part II

Today was the end of our office’s biggest loser challenge. I ended up coming in 3rd by only losing 49 lbs in 3 months… First place ended up losing over 70 and second place lost over 60. They did great. My ending weight was 206 with clothes on. Didn’t quite hit my goal of 190, but my journey is not over. Now that the contest is over, I’ve decided to adjust my target to 180. I’m going to continue on my plan until I hit and potentially hit my goal. Ultimately, my goal is not just about the weight, but the fitness as well. Of course I want to look good naked as well.

I’m finally getting myself back into cycling after a 15 year hiatus (some would say that’s a bit more than a hiatus and I would not argue that point whatsoever). Finally had my first day back on the bike on Sunday. I wish I had taken some photos, next time I guess. Was a great ride with Steve from 9-Mile Station to Confluence Park. Was about 13-14 miles each way and the weather was awesome. I rode much harder and better than I expected and felt great after the ride. Once the weather warms up a bit more I hope to insert some weeknight cycling into the routine. Definitely more weekend rides in the future.