Weight Crisis Almost Averted

I think I’m back on track. I’m back below 200 lbs and have a solid week of riding planned. Should easily be able to burn another 10,000 calories this week on my commutes.

Oh My Goodness!

Just got back from my 4-day weekend in Minnesota. Took myself off my plan completely and ate like a local. Oh my goodness! Just weighed myself and shot up by 12 lbs!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Time to get serious again.

Sublime Text 2

For you text manipulation geeks and programmers. I would recommend that you take some time to try Sublime Text 2. This is an amazing product that I tried in version 1 and have been using the beta for quite a while and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s cross platform and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you’re anything like me and use Windows at work and Mac at home, this could be the perfect editor for you. This editor provides an amazing amount of power under the hood (although some of it isn’t obvious) and I expect that more and more Mac users will slowly start dropping their lemming like support of Textmate and make the move to a programmer’s editor that truly has the support of a committed developer.

My First HRCC Ride

Did my first HRCC (Highlands Ranch Cycling Club) ride yesterday.  Was just four of us out there, but we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Temperature was in the 80’s for most of the ride and it wasn’t very windy at all.  The group rode well together and they did a good job of making sure that no one got dropped.  Nice group of people to ride with, I think this will be a great group for me to continue riding with.  We ended up doing about 40 miles with a few small breaks and a few fun hills.  I was able to keep up and never felt like I was off the pace.  Despite having a flat on the bike before we even started and picking up another flat 2/3’s of the way in, it was a great ride.  Note to self, next time put sunblock on the parts of your body that you don’t think will be exposed, because odds are, they will.

Another Weight Loss Update

I’ve been sticking with my plan but have become more aggressive on the weight lifting again.  Not sure if that’s a smart move for someone who’s trying to drop weight, but I’m sticking with it.  My weight is now teetering between 192 and 196.  Not terrible, but it sure would be nice to see it drop into the 180’s sometime soon.  I’m comfortably back into a 36 in waist size (34 on occasion, depending on the brand).  XL shirts are on the big size for me as well.  Most of my shirts look like smocks now, so I’ve started adding some better fitting shirts to the collection.  Right now I feel like my optimal weight is still around 180 (maybe less).  I’m definitely less concerned about the weight loss and more concerned about the long term plan of keeping the weight off.

Weight Loss – Part III

I finally broke the 200 lbs barrier.  I weighed in yesterday at 198 for a total loss 57 lbs so far.  Was a pretty great feeling.  Just 8 more lbs to hit my initial target of 190.  That would get me pretty close to a decent weight to be competitive in cycling again.  Crossing my fingers for some more good results this week.

Weight Loss – Part II

Today was the end of our office’s biggest loser challenge. I ended up coming in 3rd by only losing 49 lbs in 3 months… First place ended up losing over 70 and second place lost over 60. They did great. My ending weight was 206 with clothes on. Didn’t quite hit my goal of 190, but my journey is not over. Now that the contest is over, I’ve decided to adjust my target to 180. I’m going to continue on my plan until I hit and potentially hit my goal. Ultimately, my goal is not just about the weight, but the fitness as well. Of course I want to look good naked as well.

I’m finally getting myself back into cycling after a 15 year hiatus (some would say that’s a bit more than a hiatus and I would not argue that point whatsoever). Finally had my first day back on the bike on Sunday. I wish I had taken some photos, next time I guess. Was a great ride with Steve from 9-Mile Station to Confluence Park. Was about 13-14 miles each way and the weather was awesome. I rode much harder and better than I expected and felt great after the ride. Once the weather warms up a bit more I hope to insert some weeknight cycling into the routine. Definitely more weekend rides in the future.

iPad Charging Woes

Last week was pretty exciting for me in my geeky way of life.  My new iPad arrived last week and I was pretty stoked to have a new toy to play with.  The first week with the device was pretty awesome as I quickly bought accessories and programs for this thing that was eating up my already short attention span.

Well, it’s do or die time for my new iPad. The marvel from my favorite consumer electronics company is starting to disappoint me very much. Despite it’s awesome screen, fast response times, and general excellence, it just takes way too long to charge and unfortunately, the only place it seems to want to charge is from the wall outlet via it’s own charging unit. No more charging when at the computer apparently. And even when I have it hooked up directly to my computer and says it’s charging, it really isn’t. I’ve watched the battery meter slowly trickle down even further when charging while doing absolutely nothing with the device. I spend a lot of time at my computer and I expect to be able to use my device when next to my machine. I’m running an experiment right now to see just how long it takes to go from a 4% charge to 100%. According to everything I’ve read, it should take about 4 hours to complete charging. This seems reasonable, but if the device is not at 100% by the end of the morning, it will end up going back to Apple.

Based on what I’ve read online, I’m not the only person having these problems. No one seems to have a clear explanation and most seem to be willing to accept the answer that they’ll have to charge from the brick instead of the USB port on their PC. Bottom line is this: if the device doesn’t charge in a reasonable amount of time, then I will have no use for it. Who needs a mobile device that spends almost as much time charging as an Android device? That’s one of the reason I left the Android platform to begin with…. oh, the apps on Android are terrible as well. Can’t forget to mention that.

So once again, if the device isn’t 100% charged in the morning, it’s going back. I’d rather repurpose the money for a new laptop instead.